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Kashmir Newz (www.kashmirnewz.org) is an online news content provider owned by Kashmir Newz communications, a venture launched by five independent journalists from Srinagar. At Kashmir Newz, our aim is to provide well reported, unbiased in-depth news features from Jammu and Kashmir. In the last sixteen years Kashmir has been reported a lot, at local and international levels, yet so many aspects in the region have remained under cover.

Our objective is to look beyond the headlines and uncover the stories buried under daily events of violence. We believe you have the right to know, because truth matters.

Every week we bring special in-depth stories, that we hope to sell to various news publishers around the world. We offer exclusive and non exclusive rights for a story, and promise out clients a high quality content, for their publications in the interest of readers. From our content you can make your publications richer without any hassles. We inform about upcoming stories in advance on our website so that publishers can contact for exclusive rights of the stories they are interested in. Publishers can also contact us for stories they want to work on, or their assignments, subject to terms and conditions. We also have a team of researchers to provide you background material for your news stories or research. We will also be looking forward for your feedback and suggestions. Please send your feedback at feedback@kashmirnewz.org
The editor can be reached at editor@kashmirnewz.org

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