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Thank you fox

Shahnawaz Khan

A fox sights a bunch of grapes hanging from a vine. The sight of the grapes waters her mouth and she jumps to get hold of them. Unsuccessful, she jumps again, but all in vain. Her efforts turn futile and she gives up finally.

The fox has always been blamed for blaming the grapes, but hardly anyone has bothered to realize the pragmatism and wisdom of the fox.

She saw the grapes. She jumped for them and tried her best again and again. After a few attempts she realizes that the grapes are out of reach. She pauses and ponders fro a while and says, “Hey, why am I wasting my time for the silly bunch of grapes. This is the not the last bunch on earth.” So what to do? “Why waste efforts, why not look for some other low lying branch”. She decides to move away.

If she can find a bunch within reach, fine, if not it is ok. She can live without grapes. But before leaving the place, she gives the bunch one more look. The sight of grapes waters her mouth. It lures her again and an expression of remorse sneaks in her eyes. But behold! Her practical wisdom comes to her rescue again. “Who says the grapes are sweet. These grapes are sour. Yes they are sour”. The remorseful feeling vanishes and the fox leaves the place without any regrets.

Moral: Live life king size.

When I appreciate the pragmatic wisdom of the fox my friend interrupts. He is an admirer of the legendary spider, the spider who fell seven times from a wall, but made it to his net in the eighth attempt. “Try try again” says my friend. “And don’t immortalize fox to cover your flaws.”

I try to tell him that there are differences between spiders and foxes, ot for that matter between spiders and human beings. Spiders are boneless creatures. They can afford to fall seven times and get up on the eighth attempt. Human beings can’t do it for they have a vulnerable spine. When a human being falls from a height, he breaks his back (physically and morally) and it takes months for him to sit erect once again, leave alone making a second attempt.

The argument continues. We may never reach a conclusion but he fox continues to be my role model, more so for her practical wisdom. I admire the fox for contending herself with the belief,”grapes are sour”. I am sure if someone would have told her that the grapes are really sweet she would have replied, “sweet things are bad for teeth”. That is why the fox has always inspired me.

Till the day colour television came to my home, I loved to believe that colour televisions were bad for eyes. When I had to do all my commuting by a bicycle, I believed that bicycles are good for health. Now I have a scooter and I enjoy pillion riding. I find it quick and time saving but when the petrol bills tend to cast a hole in my pocket, I realize that commuting by bus is a nice experience. I know that motor bikes, are more comfortable and I get lured at times, but I am wise enough to realize that bikes run a higher risk of getting stoles than my vehicle. So I am happy with my scooter.

I am happy with my life. All thanks to the fox.



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