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Miracles Miracles

Faisul Yaseen

She was beautiful, charming, tall and affable. Madam Channa was probably the first Kashmiri woman who rode a two-wheeler on Srinagar streets.

She was a lecturer by profession and knew that the people of Kashmir valley were generally illiterate and coaxed in old ideas.

She had a fresh scooter and drove it from her Rainawari residence in down town Srinagar to Women's College M A Road in uptown.

Orthodox abominated her. She made a good fun of herself among people curious to see her driving a scooter.

She attracted attention of passers by, shopkeepers and young students alike. Seeing her, children would shout with joy. Pedestrians would pass remarks but she would acclaim back waving her hand. As a teacher she was abreast with the life of Kashmiri people and knew people by and by would admire her riding a scooter.

Suddenly she went absconding. She wasn't seen for sometime. Then one day a man was seen on Madam Channa's scooter wearing a suit and an English hat.

A policeman on the beat stopped him and warned him for over speeding. I went near the scooter and looked at the man and noticed that the young man resembled Madam Channa. He gazed at me and smiled. When I reached my school, there was a cry, 'Madam Channa has become Mr. Channa.' It became the talk of the town.

This must be a canard. I thought. I had heard of many miracles. Jesus Christ had breathed life into dead. I had also learnt that Chirst had no father. Prophet Mohammad had cut the moon into two. I knew of birds laying eggs without sexuality. But Channa'a case was out of my comprehension.

Days passed by and I forgot the incident. Then one day I read in a magazine that doctors had been able to change the sex of a sports woman. And the International Olympic Association (IOA) was thinking of snatching the medals he had secured as a woman athlete.

All of a sudden, events of Madam and Mr. Channa rolled in my mind. A smile writ on my face and you enquired, what had made me laugh. "'Sex can be changed' – I replied', Dad went on recollecting this interesting incident while we were discussing the US Congress decision to ban further experiments on human cloning.

We discussed about the cloning of rats, rabbits and also about Dolly, the first cloned sheep, which died of arthritis and many miracles science has performed over the years.



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