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Police to act against uploading Kashmir abuse video

Srinagar, Friday, September 09, 2010:

A day after a video showing uniformed men parading naked youth in a Kashmir village appeared on social networking site Facebook and Youtube, the Indian Home Minister P Chidambaram said he has asked agencies to investigate the authenticity of the video.

However, police in Indian administered Kashmir described the video as malicious and said it is registering a case against Youtube and Facebook, besides trying to locate the persons responsible for uploading the video.

While Chidambaram said it was unsafe to rely on the video until it was authenticated, police in Kashmir has not issued any statement regarding the investigation of the video authenticity.

The three minute clip surfaced on Youtube and Facebook groups on Wednesday.

It shows uniformed men, apparently Police (Jammu and Kashmir Police) and paramilitary men, parading naked Kashmiri boys (three to four) through some fields in Kashmir and hurling abuses at them.

One of the cops whose voice is heard the most (and loudest) during the video is preventing the men from covering their private parts with their clothes that they are carrying in their hands.

It appears that some civilians are standing on the fringes in the grainy low quality video apparently taken from a mobile phone.

Some of the people who watched the video speculate that the video has been taken apparently by one of the policeman, more say by the one whose voice comes out the loudest.

It is not clear where the video has been taken and when.

Police and paramilitary said it is malicious, and an attempt to malign the image of security forces.

“In the initial investigation it has been found that these reports have not been verified as yet and therefore to attribute it to security forces with the intention of maligning them and spreading disaffection amongst the people is highly regrettable,” a police statement issued Thursday said.

“A formal case is being registered against the networks and investigation is being taken up to locate the persons responsible for up load of this baseless and malicious clip. Action shall also be taken against other organizations who tried to propagate it.”

Police and security forces are often accused of human rights violations in Indian administered Kashmir where an anti-India insurgency broke out in 1989.

The region has seen widespread anti-India protests this summer often turning violent. Police and paramilitary have killed more than 65 protestors and bystanders since June.

Authorities apprehend more trouble after the surfacing of the video, and are therefore threatening action for its propagation.

The video has been removed from most of the Facebook groups by Friday apparently because of the nude content.



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Click here to read this story. For reproduction rights contact Kashmir Newz Desk

Click here to read this story. For reproduction rights contact Kashmir Newz Desk

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