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No newspapers in Kashmir today 08/07/10

Media gag in Kashmir 07/07/10

Kashmir unrest: Army called in Srinagar 06/07/10

It's not Muslim Kashmir Vs Hindu India: Mirwaiz 03/07/10

Hindu pilgrimage begins amid Kashmir unrest 30/06/10

Amid killings Queen’s baton relay lands in Kashmir 29/06/10

After north, three killed in south Kashmir 29/06/10

Curfew, gags, across Kashmir 29/06/10

Eight killed in Kashmir border gunfight 29/06/10

Government blames CRPF for killings 28/06/10

Fresh killings trigger unrest in Kashmir 28/06/10

Kashmir shuts again 26/06/10

Kashmir Information seekers warned of dangers 05/06/10

Fake encounters haunt Kashmir again 29/05/10

Kashmiris favour independence over India, Pakistan: Poll 26/05/10

Kashmir man tops Indian civil service exams 06/05/10

Captain, trooper killed in Kashmir gunfight 05/05/10

Pakistan channel grills Kashmir separatist 14/09/09

Four militants killed in Kashmir 10/08/09

9 militants killed in Kashmir 05/08/09

Two police killed in Kashmir 01/08/09

110 ceasefire violations on Kashmir border 30/07/09

Kashmir CM's resignation rejected 30/07/09

Seven Indian Armymen killed under avalanche in Kashmir 14/04/09

Controversial Kashmiri separatist to contest Indian elections 11/04/09

US sleuths interrogated Kashmiri insurgents in 90s 22/03/09

In Kashmir solider is the 'most powerful' 10/03/09

Kashmir adds million mobile users in ’08 28/02/09

Invest in Kashmir: Omar tells India Inc 16/01/09

Essar Group to generate 4000 jobs in Kashmir 16/01/09

Two dozen injured during anti-Israel protests in Kashmir 16/01/09

Kashmir head priest threatens intensified protests 15/01/09

Omar demands Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Kashmir 15/01/09

Kashmir militant group founder arrested: Indian Police 14/01/09

Maintain zero-tolerance against HR violations: Kashmir CM tells Indian troops 14/01/09

India, Pak won't engage in war: Former Kashmir CM 13/01/09

Indian liqour baron cultivates Kashmir hop'es 12/01/09

'Kashmir resolution will help solve Palestine, Lankan conflicts' 25/10/08

Kashmiri journalists says police attacks a 'state design' 01/09/08

UN urges restraint in Kashmir 27/08/08

'Aggressive' Kashmir curfew has hit healthcare, media 27/08/08

India clamps down on mounting Kashmir protests 25/08/08

India says ready for cross-LoC trade 17/08/08

Black flags mark India’s Independence Day in Kashmir 16/08/08

Separatist leader among 8 killed in Kashmir 11/08/08

Kashmir separatist proposes Dogra State, Muzaffarbad March 06/07/08

DD Kashir to rethink anti-Pak propaganda 14/07/08

Kashmir protests over land transfer continue 28/06/08

Kashmir CM likely to be called back to New Delhi 21/06/08

Kashmir University to host 20th annual AIUTA conference 19/06/08

Encounter with the man Bin Laden was looking for 04/06/08

Kashmir: A forgotten conflict 03/06/08

Perpetrators continue to enjoy impunity in Kashmir: AI 28/05/08

Briton claims duped of £80,000 by Kashmiri boyfriend 23/05/08

10 journalists killed in Kashmir insurgency 12/05/08

Dream grapevine sways Kashmiris towards shrines 24/04/08

Kashmir's first politician blog appears 21/04/08

Kashmir photojournalist brothers bag Chinese awards 09/04/08

Indian troops responsible for grave HR abuses in Kashmir: HRW 08/04/08

People’s Tribunal to investigate Kashmir abuses 05/04/08

Kashmir tulip garden is not Asia’s largest 29/03/08

Kashmir Govt forbids Tibetan refugees from anti-China slogans 26/03/08

Kashmir blast leaves 1 dead, 16 wounded 20/03/08

Kashmir lawyers protest over plight of detainees 19/03/08

Amnesty asks Pakistan to restore constitution 14/03/08

HRW asks China, India, Nepal to free Tibetan protesters 14/03/08

Teenager commits suicide in Kashmir 12/03/08

Landmine explosion injures trooper in Kashmir 12/03/08

Kashmir to have aquarium on Dal lake 12/03/08

TV journalist manhandled in South Kashmir 10/03/08

Rights activist says can’t talk of violations 08/03/08

Srinagar to adopt Google Maps 07/03/08

No let up in suicides in Kashmir 07/03/08

Kashmir separatist say no elections 07/03/08

Zardari quelled our apprehensions: Kashmir CM 07/03/08

Lanka Govt responsible for widespread abductions, disappearances: HRW 06/03/08

Indian civil society to oppose India-Israel ties 06/03/08

Slight intensity earthquake rocks Kashmir 06/03/08

Police arrests SRTC employees in Kashmir 05/03/08

Police registers case against Kashmir Minister 05/03/08

APIS in India from April 2008 05/03/08

Kashmiri migrant colony gets first inmates 04/03/08

Lankan Army chief visits Kashmir 03/03/08

Bring Kashmir detainees to Kashmir: Sayeed tells Indian PM 03/03/08

Israeli rifles appear in Kashmir 01/03/08

Kashmir to host international cricket match: Official 01/03/08

Kashmir gets new department of culture 01/03/08

Indian PM to inaugurate Kashmir power project 01/03/08

Kashmir minister says coalition governance problematic 01/03/08

Kashmir prays for Pakistan 29/02/08

Transfers of private secretaries 29/02/08

Income tax exemption raised to Rs 1.5 lakh 29/02/08

Kashmir opposition to participate in WG meets 29/02/08

Mufti also responsible for Kashmir turmoil: Omar Abdullah 29/02/08

Former Kashmir militant commander floats separatist party 29/02/08

Trooper abducts Kashmir woman 29/02/08

Kashmir group demands Nepal-like laws for enforced disappearances 29/02/08

Kashmir reports six times increase in AIDS 28/02/08

Rights group calls for release of Kashmiri prisoners 28/02/08

Students accuse Kashmir University of cheating 28/02/08

India testing Smart I-card project 28/02/08

India says violence in Kashmir decreasing 27/02/08

India's shame depicted in art on sale 27/02/08

Only 5% road connectivity in Kashmir CM's home district 26/02/08

Kashmir govt orders transfers in administration 27/02/08

Mufti for scrapping armed forces special act 26/02/08

Govt investigations against Muslims biased: Deoband 26/02/08

Train to Kashmir in 2008-09 26/02/08

Northern Command gets new head 26/02/08

Pakistan blocks Youtube over blasphemous material 25/02/08

Slight intensity quake hits Kashmir 25/02/08

Pakistan denies visa to Palestinian leader, Indian historian 25/02/08

Float Kashmir houseboats on Nile: Sinha 25/02/08

Indian Winter Games conclude in Gulmarg 23/02/08

Vienna University honours Kashmir University VC 23/02/08

Two injured in accidental blast in Kashmir court 22/02/08

Former rivals agree to form new Pakistan government 22/02/08

Global geoscientists talk oil exploration in Kashmir 22/02/08

Delhi-Lahore bus to ply thrice a week 22/02/08

Russian tourist among six killed in Kashmir accident 22/02/08

Kosovo independence gives new hope to Kashmir: Mirwaiz 21/02/08

UN should sanction Lanka rebels for child soldiers: HRW 21/02/08

India lost opportunity to resolve Kashmir dispute: Omar 21/02/08

Eight-day village crackdown ends in Kashmir 21/02/08

South Kashmir awaits completion of emergency hospital 21/02/08

Musharraf unwilling to give up 20/02/08

Tourists stranded for hours on Gulmarg ropeway 20/02/08

Gunmen rob people in south Kashmir 20/02/08

Pak lawyer calls for end to Kashmir insurgency 20/02/08

Attacks in Afghanistan to rise 19/02/08

Police admits 331 custodial killings, 111 disappearances in Kashmir 19/02/08

Land-lease for Indians allowed: Kashmir CM 19/02/08

Kosovo breaks free 18/02/08

Pakistan goes to vote 18/02/08

NC facilitated killings of Kashmiri politicians: Mehbooba 18/02/08

Indian Winter Games start in Kashmir 18/02/08

Kashmir shuts down to commemorate Maqbool anniversary 11/02/08

16 killed in Kashmir snowfall 22/01/08

Kashmir cricketer selected for North Zone 08/02/08

Mehbooba calls for safe passage to Kashmir leaders 03/02/08

Indian HR record in Kashmir 'gruesome' 27/01/08

‘Troop ratio in Kashmir better than Waziristan, Tibet’ 26/01/08

Azad, Singh discuss Kashmir WG recommendations 23/01/08

Kashmir separatist group protests harassment 22/01/08

Kashmir governor knows he is proactive 20/01/08

Kashmir separatists to cover untrodden Ladakh 19/01/08

Pledge to vacate Kashmir schools, hospitals not fulfilled: Mehbooba 19/01/08

No gender discrimination in liquor license to women 16/01/08

Government spending to cross $ 21 b in Kashmir 16/01/08

Kashmir minister resigns on graft allegations 15/01/08

Uri residents angry over unretrieved bodies of civilians 15/01/08

Tainted Kashmir minister likely to resign 15/01/08

Shabir Shah rejoins Hurriyat 14/01/08

Big broadcasters denounce rising threats to media 13/01//08

Sheikh Aziz joins Hurriyat faction 11/01/08

Kashmir separatist proposes joint fight against India 07/01/07

Musharraf admits Benazir possibly shot 07/01/07

New video suggests Bhutto shot 31/12/07

China supports US war on Iraq : David Barsamian 30/12//07

Kashmir shuts down to protest Bhutto assassination 28/12/07

Kashmir bank customers get credit bills before cards 23/12/07

Congress wins Kashmir bye-election 15/12/07

Election boycott won’t help: Salman Khurshid 14/12/07

Rage boy not to sue companies using his image 09/12//07

Kashmir’s disappeared start appearing in UNO 22/11//07

London based Kashmiri Judge Honoured 21/11//07

Farooq Abdullah questions Kashmir’s accession with India 20/11//07

Hi-tech theft at Kashmir ATM 20/11//07

Pakistan news channels shut down in Dubai 17/11//07

‘Media fighting India’s war in Kashmir’ 05/11//07

Malik slams Kashmir police denials, releases arrest footage 05/11//07

Vacating Kashmir schools, hospitals, not for paramilitary 03/11//07

'Power greed won't let Mufti pull out' 27/10//07

Massive fire in Kashmir 23/10//07

Withdraw troops, revoke draconian laws: Kashmir leader 22/10//07

India, not us, backtracked from peace talks: Kashmir separatist 20/10//07

Kashmir insurgents ban use of antipersonnel mines 18/10//07

Kashmir Pandit group flays minister for guerillas' prayers 12/10//07

New Delhi cold to Eid ceasefire in Kashmir 10/10//07

Sex-scandal returns to haunt Kashmir 08/10//07

Kashmir CM takes u-turn on Gandhi remark 07/10//07

Complete rehabilitation eludes Kashmir earthquake victims 07/10//07

Grand Mufti warns Kashmir CM 06/10//07

Geelani accuses Kashmir CM of blasphemy 04/10//07

Kashmir CM’s remarks may put him in trouble 03/10//07

Kashmir media students launch campus paper 03/10//07

Kashmir gunfights claim 12 03/10//07

Army officially takes over kashmir.com 01/10//07

CBMs are means not an end: PaK Prez 30/09//07

Kashmir cricketer joins Indian rebel league 29/09//07

Deport PaK detainees: Supreme Court 28/09//07

HIV infection changing TB scenario in Kashmir 28/09//07

OIC tells India: Stop HR violations in Kashmir 27/09//07

SKIMS connected to AIIMS for telemedicine-based cancer consultation 27/09//07

Indian PM failed to fulfill zero-tolerance promise: Fai 27/09//07

Food security in Kashmir at risk 24/09//07

Emission from troops’ vehicles threaten Kashmir ecology: Report 24/09//07

Water in Kashmir rivers recede by two thirds: Report 24/09//07

Heavy military presence constrains livelihood in Kashmir 24/09//07

Benazir supports Musharraf line on Kashmir 14/09//07

Kashmir journalist fights car thieves online 04/09//07

Kashmir separatists among beneficiaries of ‘illegal lease allotments’ 04/09//07

Kashmir minister accused of illegal property allotments 04/09//07

Ansari elected PDP senior vice president 25/08//07

Lion of Kashmir was chicken-hearted: Book 21/08//07

Civil, Police transfers and postings in Kashmir 18/08//07

Majority for independence in Kashmir: Indo-Pak Poll 13/08//07

Blaze in Kashmir ammunition depot 11/08//07

Hurriyat to petition UN for Kashmir's disappeared 29/07//07

Traditional artists help combat Tuberculosis in Kashmir 06/08//07

Threats or no threats non locals flee Kashmir 01/08//07

Hizb denies threat to non-Kashmiri labourers 29/07//07

4 tourists among 6 killed in Kashmir 29/07//07

337 disappeared in Baramulla alone: APDP 29/07//07

Hurriyat resents plans to push back Kashmiri migrants 27/07//07

Atomic Research Centre in Kashmir attacked 26/07//07

Fisheries deptt. dupes Govt. to violate CM’s circular 25/07//07

National Conference resents shelving news programme Shaharbeen 25/07//07

Kashmir LC chairman’s election unconstitutional: NC 21/07//07

Cafe Carpets to develop Kashmir handicrafts 21/07//07

Kashmir Legislative Council elects new chairman 20/07//07

Kashmir to go for carbon trading 19/07//07

Kashmir gets new Police chief 17/07//07

Asiya advises Kashmiri women to carry daggers 16/07//07

PM hints at joint management of Kashmir 15/07//07

Book on Kashmir's unsung heroes released 15/07//07

Hurriyat will build memorial, threaten agitation if prevented 12/07//07

I knew destruction was ahead: Former Kashmir CM 08/07//07

Noble laureate Amrataya Sen to address Kashmir students 08/07//07

Sufi songs to enthrall Kashmir elite 03/07//07

Red Cross raises issue of Kashmir detainees 03/07//07

Unemployed Kashmir docs attempt self-immolation 02/07//07

‘Troops killing Kashmir youth to bolster infiltration figures’ 28/06//07

Paris Bishop concerned over Kashmir rights situation 26/06//07

Strike against Rushdie in Kashmir partially successful 22/06//07

Rehmani criticises knighthood to Salman Rushdie 19/06//07

‘Identify medicinal species with high market demand’ 18/06//07

'Kashmiri professionals can help in reconstruction of PaK' 09/06//07

Talks without peace in Kashmir futile 08/06//07

Kashmir separatist calls for ‘civil disobedience movement’ 06/06//07

Newspaper circualtion rises in internet age 05/06//07

Ladakh festival to begin on June 12 31/05//07

Amnesty criticises India's conduct in Kashmir 23/05//07

Beig, Sagar get best Kashmir legislator awards 16/05//07

Kashmir self-rule document to be made public 14/05//07

Kashmir Newz editor leaves for RNTC 11/05//07

China occupies 38000 sq km of Kashmir 09/05//07

747 scientists resign from DRDO in 3 years 09/05//07

JKLF to resume Kashmir Freedom March 07/05//07

HR groups join hands to fight assault on activists 06/05/07

JKLF to begin 'safar-e-azadi' in Kashmir 04/05/07

Government prevented our news conference: Kashmir rights group 28/04/07

Insurgency hit TB program on revival in Kashmir 27/04/07

Geelani aides arrested in Kashmir 26/04/07

Government moots reviving 2000 year old university in Kashmir 20/04/07

Mobiles sing Azad's tune in Kashmir 19/04/07

Historical Kashmir fort opened after 17 years 18/04/07

Intra Kashmir meet in New Delhi this month 10/04/07

Army has no role in Kashmir 09/04/07

NC has a spoilsport history in Kashmir: Mehbooba 09/04/07

Kashmir Police readying for troop reduction 07/04/07

Asia's largest tulip garden inaugurated in Kashmir 07/04/07

India’s national soccer championship returns to Kashmir 06/04/07

Mehbooba asks Karnataka CM to release Kashmiri students 05/03/07

Govt appoints commission to probe fake encounter 02/03/07

Kashmir Cabinet approves transfers, postings 31/03/07

Drugs losing efficacy: Kashmir docs worried

HRW urges SAARC to discuss human rights 30/03/07

4 European tourists, helicopter missing in Kashmir 16/03/07

Kashmir insurgency turning deadlier 15/03/07

3 violations since border cease fire: India 08/03/07

Troops not involved in Kashmir fake encounters: India 07/03/07

4 m cases pending in Indian High Courts 02/03/07

Kashmir University head for 20 pc reservation to PaK students 02/03/07

Kashmir hardliner hospitalised 01/03/07

Kashmir Troop reduction: Mehbooba meets PM 01/03/07

Free air service for Kashmir highway stranded 27/02/07

JK Bank launches microfinance in Jammu 25/02/07

Kashmir Troop reduction, AFSPA revocation 'will work wonders' 25/02/07

Kashmir lifeline link unlikely to open soon 24/02/07

Howitt on mission to redraft Kashmir report 22/02/07

Nomination papers of 9 Kashmir LC candidates accepted 23/02/07

jkbank on sale 21/02/07

Kashmir Archives gets award for preserving Gilgit Manuscripts 20/02/07

Kashmir origin scientist solves Einstein twin paradox 18/02/07

PDP finalises Kashmir self-rule proposal 18/02/07

NC wants post apartheid like Commission to probe Kashmir killings 17/02/07

HRW asks India to Investigate all ‘Disappearances’ in Kashmir 15/02/07

Kashmir LC Election schedule declared 15/02/07

'Demilitarization means internal demilitarization' 14/02/07

Mehbooba for grabbing gas offer from other Kashmir 11/02/07

Kashmir fake encounter revelations 'tip of an iceberg' 10/02/07

For AAC, hardline Geelani is a former MLA 10/02/07

Kashmir's missing kin threaten self immmolation 09/02/07

A deaf and dumb village in Kashmir 08/02/07

Google opens operations in Delhi, Mumbai 08/02/07

Geelani justifies Kashmir Gun to counter Indian gun 03/02/07

Kashmir separatist threatens fast unto death 03/02/07

RSF report on India 02/02/07

Press unaffected by the Indo Pak rapprochement in Kashmir: RSF 02/02/07

JKLF pays tributes to Maqbool 01/02/07

New Passport forms from February 01/02/07

Grenade attack at moderate Hurriyat office 31/01/07

Kashmir CM says zero violations impossible 31/01/07

Kashmir CM dismayed over staged encounter killing 29/01/07

Kashmiri Film in Delhi 29/01/07

Muharram Flags annoy troopers in Kashmir 26/01/07

No room for Kashmir residents in India 24/01/07

Kashmir blast leaves three troopers dead 23/01/07

Kashmiris proud of liberation struggle: Rehmani 23/01/07

Jammu & Kashmir Bank getting Grameen 23/01/07

Jammu & Kashmir Bank posts 66% growth in profit 22/01/07

Moderates call for Kashmir strike on India’s Republic day 21/01/07

Kashmir Pandits observe "holocaust day" 19/01/07

Kashmir separatists shifting focus on Jammu 17/01/07

Kashmir shuts down over talks on Kashmir 17/01/07

Kashmir lags behind in development: Survey 16/01/07

Kashmiri ISM doctors threaten mass suicide on India’s Republic day 16/01/07

Kashmir moderate’s house attacked, blames hardliners 15/01/07

India should initiate a ceasfire in Kashmir 14/01/07

Guru’s petition dismissal against natural justice: SPDPR 13/01/07

Government plans to auction rare Kashmir Sapphire 12/01/07

Kashmir rights group expels chairperson 10/01/07

Kashmir government initiates Anti-militancy laws against land mafia 28/12/06

Calendar for Kashmir’s budget session issued 27/12/06

Kashmiri hardliners see Jinnah in danger 25/12/06

Downtown Srinagar erupts with pro militant slogans 24/12/06

Kashmir Saffron shows revival signs 24/12/06

Kashmir cabinet shifts DG prisons after jail riot 18/12/06

Azad inaugrates handicrafts expo 09/12/06

FM waves reach Kashmir 08/12/06

Geelani slams Musharraf Proposals 07/12/06

Ten Kashmir students get Ford fellowships 05/12/06

Tourist influx in India grows despite bombings 01/12/06

BSF for refencing along IB 29/11/06

Fight for downtown in Kashmir 26/11/06

New Delhi should look east, not west 24/11/06

Rural Employment Act to be extended to Jammu Kashmir 24/11/06

Kashmir civil society awards massacre martyr 23/11/06

Oral polio vaccine necessary for Haj pilgrims 23/11/06

KU protests student killing 22/11/06

APHC(M) joins chorus against land lease 20/11/06

Doctors should serve in Kashmir: Soz 19/11/06

'Strategic managers to check nuclear smuggling' 04/11/06

Bitta Karate distances from controversial interview 03/11/06

Train coaches to cross Jawahar Tunnel 31/10/06

Eid joys for Bitta Karate family 25/10/06

Umbrellas crossing the LoC 11/10/06

Kashmiri Hindu lady to fast with Muslim relatives 09/10/06

Kashmir quake survivors relate woes 08/10/06

A year after, families await government aid 08/10/06

Protests over death sentence continue in Kashmir 28/09/06

Ramadhan begins without a ceasefire in Kashmir 25/09/06

'Everyone lives in fear' 12/09/06

JKLF observes hunger strike to protest abuses in Kashmir 12/09/06

Kashmir Deputy CM decides to resign 02/09/06

APDP commemorates International day of disappeared 30/08/06

Ten new ministers sworn in Kashmir 29/08/06

JKLF to go for hunger strike, court arrests 28/08/06

Two troopers injured in Kashmir 17/08/06

Kashmir head priest urges militants for dialogue 16/08/06

Kashmir police chief denies bomb scare 15/08/06

Human bomb scare disrupts ID celebrations in Kashmir 15/08/06

A virtual War of Freedom in Kashmir 05/08/06

'Militants using Pakistani SIM cards in Kashmir 03/08/06

Grenade attack injures 15 in Surankote 02/08/06

Four troopers killed in Kashmir 01/08/06

Two troopers shot dead in Kashmir 01/08/06

Kashmir legislature concerned over Lebanon crisis 31/07/06

Grenade attack injures ten 31/07/06

Life paralysed for second day in Kashmir 29/07/06

Shutdown in Kashmir as Kalam arrives 28/07/06

A father's plea to President Kalam 28/07/06

Grenade attack in Jammu was a revenge attack for assault on Geelani: Police 22/07/06

Kashmir Protests Israel raids on Lebanon; Shutdown on Saturday 21/07/06

Al Qaeda Presence in Kashmir complete haox: Police 18/08/06


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